Do i need any cryptocurrency trading experience to trade crypto?
No, previous cryptocurrency trading experience is not required. You can always use the Demo account to practice and learn the process, our proffesional team of traders will help you to get started.
Are there any restrictions for opening an account and start Trading?
All necessary informations regarding this topic are stated in our T&C
I did not recieved a confirmation email with link to finish my registation
If you did not receive the registration link to your email from our company first please check in the spam folder of your email account. If you still cannot find it, please contact support by emailing us at
What if i dont have any cryptocurrencies to deposit?
If you do not have cryptocurrencies, you can visit any third-party exchange service provider to exchange your money for cryptocurrencies.
How long does it take for the deposit to be reflected in my account?
A deposit shows in your account once we receive at least 2 confirmations from the blockchain and it depends on each crypto.In the unlikely case where you do not see the deposit in your account within 12 hours, please send an email from your account’s email address to with the following information:

• Amount sent
• Cryptocurrency used
• The blockchain transaction ID (TxID)
Are there any deposit fees?
No. Absolutely zero deposit fees for our clients. You only pay any applicable miner fees.
Note: This fee is paid to cryptocurrency miners to make sure the transactions are processed on cryptocurrency networks.
How much time it takes to process withdrawal?
Withdrawals are processed manually 24/7. The reason for processing withdrawals manually is to make sure that all conditions in regards to available balance, closed vs open positions, margin used or protection from spikes in pricing are all normal.
After withdrawal i see a different amount in my Wallet.
The amount in your wallet at the time of withdrawal is different from the withdrawal request amount.This is due to the miner fees which are compulsory each time a cryptocurrency transaction is made. These are not Hyrotrade fees, but fees that the miners take for the transaction to be executed and you can see them on the blockchain transaction.